Cutecoconut has finally returned to it’s root by resettling the whole concept. A mission that this blog has started with, which was “a channel of inspirations about woman as a wife, a mom and an individual”, was kind of evolving in time as it follows the founder’s life journey.

Rina, who has been running the blog, has gone through different paths in life from stay-at-home-mom phase to working-mom phase and now, embracing her side of fierceness as a business lady, or shall we call a womenpreneur. Trying to think out of the box, there is an urge need that this channel of inspirations must be established well. Hence, together with her partner in crime, Liz – who has been there all along under the radar for ever since the blog started and now joins in full swing – they present you with a peek to their life where they both juggle work and home to try to reach life balance while busy catching their dreams.

Hopefully, you can all connect with their stories and surely, all of us at Cutecoconut.com would be very happy if you jump into the wagon and tell us your stories too.

Send us email at cutecoconut.info@gmail.com for any inquiry or feedback. We shall get back to you in no time.

Thank you for being part of Cutecoconut network, and we wish you a super wonderful day!

Rina & Liz Team