The Ever Moving Reality of Working from Home

The Ever Moving Reality of Working from Home
March 2, 2017 Rina
In Finance

Knowingly myself is actually sitting here feeding this hungry corner that once so adored by me won’t change the fact that maybe this is the only time before I again vanished back to the harsh reality. I like to call it harsh, and probably sometimes it’s even deceiving because people tend to draw their own conclusion based on what they see in that thinly inches square meters screen and mostly they would see a happy-fun-relaxed-me on my social media when the reality is more of times is far from that. Taking this further, many times, you, me, we all are fooled by the social media society.

Have you heard about those brands that created characters with own instagram, or youtube channel as if they were actual people, while in fact they are only professional actors? Well these days I feel the line between the virtu and the reality is getting thinner, many times it gets blurry. And some people, I think, have started losing their mind.

But that is not what I want to point out today. This morning on my way to drop the kids off school I realized that I have been so tired like hell. That 5 minutes extra snooze in the morning is a luxury and breakfast on the go seems like always a wiser choice. I mean, between food and sleep I think I have to prefer the latter for my own sanity.

My life is a constant move. From the morning until evening I move from here and there. Meetings (face to face or by phone takes the same amount of preparation, btw.), follow ups, works and works, and then the kids, and home. Smule has been my place of comfort in recent weeks, but you know what? I sometimes fall asleep in a song! This is the harsh reality of working from home, by home I mean literally everywhere.

Which one of you who want to quit your office job because working from home seems so appealing? The thought of working in loose t’shirts, unbathed for days is like thinking of a nice chocolate ice cream while being stranded in a desert. It’s an oasis. But it’s not. I mean, if you want to shift your corporate career to a successful business woman believe me, starting it from home is twice stressful.

Now and then I would hear women look at their pier who are free from the corporate ladder and own a business, and decided to follow the footstep only to find that it was not as easy as it seemed.

Oh easy. You just use your mobile phone, or a laptop, and internet connection, and you can be successful like us. Ah. Those promises. There are something they don’t tell you about working from home. It’s not JUST use a phone, laptop, internet and you set to go. NO WAY. There are struggles to find clients, to market yourself out there, to meet your sales quota, to maintain your social life, etc. etc.

Now don’t get me wrong, I so effin love what I do. A little advise for you if you think working from home can solve your problem then do it. But do it with double commitment, do it with hard-working determination. You are not doing it for an easy way out, or to relax. That’s lazy.

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  1. Schizophrenia 2 years ago

    It is so true that working from home is a boon and bane as well. Geat content Rina Looking forward to reading more from you

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