Life-changing Mindsets to Get You Back on Track

Life-changing Mindsets to Get You Back on Track
November 8, 2016 Rina
In Health & Wellness

Already feeling depressed by a swarm of deadlines that pour all at once and a nasty email on Monday, I fought through morning rush doing my best not to let anything else added to that bag. It wasn’t as easy as a flip of hands I agreed. Thus if I ever came out of it emotionally intact and sober, it was an accomplishment that deserved a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a pat at my back.

But the fact that life is far from a fairy tale gets even bolder in early November. A delayed invoice settlement, a sales target that is still on the run and a book translation that can’t seem to get done. All three draw me further from my zen. And besides all the smiles and laughters, trust me my life is not always a picturesque rainbow.

There are days that I felt as if I were hanging on a tree, holding on tightly in a struggle to keep me from falling. Emotions always temp to burst out but it won’t lead me to anywhere except more frustrations. Thus, I believe loosing a battle sometimes is necessary to win the war.

In many unexpected situations that drowning emotionally I spare for myself a down time to sort of inhale and processing the whole event, and reframe my way of thinking into some of life-changing mindsets. If you see me walking and happy, those are the result of these following mindsets:

1. If they can, then I can too. The only fine line that differ you and others is willingness.

2. There is nothing is impossible when God will.

3. There is not such a coincidence. Things happen for a reason, sometimes it is revealed immediately sometimes it’s not. You just have to believe.

4. No one can ever put me down, especially if he/she never does anything significant in my life. If it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.

5. When you move forward you have 50% of winning, but if you stay put you have lost 100%.

6. Comfort zone means you stop living before you die.

7. One day this episode will be featured in my biography book.

8. This maybe hurt now, but someday I will laugh about it.

9. Focus and keep working on your dream. It’s yours not theirs.

10. Solutions vs problems. Read more on Focus on Solutions not Problems.

What’s your motivation mantra to reframe your mindset and lift your mood back up again?

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