Top 3 Blogging Myths Debunked

Top 3 Blogging Myths Debunked
October 10, 2016 Rina
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In his immaculate suites and tie, he came near me and whispered in my ear “blogging is a waste of time”. The words was sugarcoated with a playful smile but I knew that underneath he actually believed what he said. Honestly? few years ago not many could ever imagine what blogging was all about. The picture of you sitting at a coffee shop writing some sh*t about your life that no one even cared was plastered in one’s mind. Hence, a waste of time.

Today, bloggers are getting better recognitions from the society and brands, to the extent where money is an exchange to a blog post. Launching events, promotions, press conferences, you name it, bloggers are invited. Over time, I witness more and more blogging myths are debunked.

Followings are the top 3 on my list:

1. Blogging is a waste of time
This statement is usually followed by and a waste of money. Whether it is really a waste of time depends on the perspective from where you see it. Some people, like myself, find blogging is a way of healing the restless mind. It’s like taking a refreshing vacation while you sit still in front of your laptop. It isn’t really about recognitions and such, but the good feeling knowing that people share the similar stories or are inspired by whatever we share on the blog. It’s more about self healing while marking our path virtually in the universe.

So definitely, not a waste of time. Did you think going on a vacation is a waste of time?

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2. It is just laziness instead of getting a real job
How many of you have been told that you are so lazy just playing on your laptop all the time? Non-bloggers often find it difficult to understand that in order to create good content we all need to do a little research. Writing itself is not an easy task because it depends on the mood. Blogging process consists of fishing an idea, drafting, re-drafting, editing, taking pictures, edit pictures, published, share, share and share.The process is far from laziness, and we can get paid for that.

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3. Blogging cannot earn you a living
As a unique profession, blogging indeed takes time, full commitment and courages. You can’t expect a blog to grow overnight. It’s like a seed of a plant that needs to be nurtured every now and then. Some bloggers take a year to finally see success, some bloggers take years. Those who don’t make it? Mainly because they stop trying.

The fact? You can bring food to the table with blogging.

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Can you share with me what other blogging myths debunked based on your experience?

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  1. Hidup bloggers bermartabat! Hahaha
    Great post! People thinks blogging is easy uhm try again. You are crafting a content that should be valuable it is no longer about pouring your heart out if you wants to be professional.

    • Author
      Rina 5 years ago

      Blogger bermartabat vs blogger bermartabak. Boleh juga jadi judul baru hahaa…

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