Biggest Mistakes on Social Media That Can Ruin Your Friendship

Biggest Mistakes on Social Media That Can Ruin Your Friendship
October 5, 2016 Rina
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When social medias first emerged many years ago, namely MySpace, Friendster and then Facebook (and the list goes on and on) it was about socialising, making connection and reconnection. It was FUN.
But of course, as the world revolves and technology rises, suddenly social medias are no longer the place for just having fun. It becomes the place where businesses play its games, where tons of information exchanges happen, where people inspire other people, and when politics chips in, world war III can easily be flicked by a single post update.

Does it really matter to exist in one or two social medias?

Probably yes.

How many of you had struggled to contact a friend when your data plan expired and you don’t even have her number as both of you mainly connect on Facebook, or instagram, or Path? (btw, Path is very big here in Indonesia).

With almost 80% of our time spent on these platform, conflicts are also high. Suddenly you are in non-speaking term with your friend just because something you did on Facebook, for instance. And a lot more. Below I am listing some of biggest mistakes on social media that can ruin your friendship:

1. Status crasher
You just can’t or won’t stop taunting your friends. If something is up, sad or happy, you just HAVE TO add more salt into the wound. If your friend posts something mellow, you drag her even lower with your words. If your friend posts a good news that makes her happy, you really need to pull her back on the ground. Once or twice, you can get away with “just joking” excuse. But try doing it all the time, and don’t be surprise if your friend don’t reply to you back or even worst they delete you from the friends list.

2. The unforgivable tag
You have an embarrassing picture of your friend and you decided to upload it on Facebook and tag her, so that all of her friends can also see. You may think it’s funny, but she may not.

3. Intruder
Always mass-tag your friends on an unimportant status or add your friend to a group without her consent.

4. Completely a wh*re
You tease her boyfriend or husband on social media (duh!).

5. Look but no love
On Path we can see who sees our status updates. It would create a problem if suddenly you stop giving ‘heart’ on your friend’s status, while you give it to others, mutual friends of yours.

6. Take too personal
You take everything too personal. Your friend may not so serious about their posting, but you just need to make it a big deal.

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7. Shameless stalker who cannot shut up
Three weeks ago your friend announced she would go for 7 days diet. Many weeks later whenever she posted her meal (or sometimes her friends’s meal) you would ask “aren’t you on diet?”. It’s like every time. And trust me that stunt is getting tiring.

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Oh well, now that you know, have you done any of these?

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  1. Maureen 5 years ago

    Hahaha true all that!

    Nowadays social media can make or break your friendships. So glad you are one of my good friends!

    • Author
      Rina 5 years ago

      Me too!!

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