When You Disagree to a Facebook Post

When You Disagree to a Facebook Post
September 30, 2016 Rina
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Is it me or the social medias have turned into a war zone these days? People are so fierce that whenever they spot something that against their beliefs they immediately drop everything else to retaliate. Sometimes it is in the name of tough loves, sometimes it is just for the sake of own satisfaction.

Situation is even harder when it’s time for an election. Currently the US is torn between the Trumps and those who are sane. Meanwhile in Jakarta, religion still catches hold beyond other qualifications for its Governor’s criteria. This isn’t new, tho.

On Facebook

Do realize that information streams can be overwhelming. Each one of us has the liberty to share whatever we feel like, as long as it doesn’t contain racism, pornographic or defamatory.

I get it. It is truly annoying to find that our own friend apparently doesn’t stand at the same page like us and we completely 1000% certain that we are the one who are right and he must be wrong, and of course it would give us continuous nightmare if we don’t make it clear to him about this. Oh and we all go to hell if we don’t make him change his view. Definitely in the process, we really need to insult him and hope that he would cry and kiss our ass.

Please stop.

Many times, on Facebook posting that annoys me I find myself on the comment section type, pause, type, delete, retype, delete, rephrase, and pause and weighing whether it is necessary, and when the answer is no, I let go and move on. Some other times, I just reflect my opinion on my own wall without tagging the respected person, and guess what? I am still alive and fabulous happy!

A little advice my friends? YOU CAN LET GO AND MOVE ON.

Before you post anything on someone else’s Facebook wall or comment on something that is against your beliefs, be sure to remember these:
1. What’s your relationship with the person? Do you really know him in person? Are you best friends?
2. Take a deep breath and calm down and think: would it benefit me? Would my comment change anything?
3. Is it important at all for me to write a comment?
4. What is his post all about actually? Is there any chance that I misunderstood it?
5. Can I write a comment in a good way that it won’t offend other person who read it, let alone the wall’s owner, while it still delivers my message?
6. Did he ask for my opinion? Or did he invite for comments at all?

If you can’t find at least two yes for the above questions, then drop it. Move on.

Is it hard?

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  1. Webrakus 2 years ago

    Tulisan yang sangat menarik sekali tentang arti sebuah postingan facebook.

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