General Motors Diet #1: Instant Decision

General Motors Diet #1: Instant Decision
September 20, 2016 Rina
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A battle between fats and consciousness has been an ongoing scene in my mind since probably ages. As far as I remember, the comfort zone sang me a lullaby that I indulge in too many good food and less care for other thing. But of course, it weighs in eventually, literally. It’s just got to stop.

Let me return to my old body, scream myself from within.


A couple months ago, a friend told me about General Motors Diet. I wasn’t paying attention. All I heard was watermelon and banana. I did try to follow through but failed right on the first day.

Until recently, when a discussion about a life protection brought back the fact that some of my dear friends could not get an insurance policy due to obesity. At the same time there have been pictures on this diet flashing on my instagram timeline.

That’s it, I thought. Let’s do it!

It was an instant decision. I asked my friend who also struggled with overweight to join me in the 7-days diet program. He agreed. The sudden move was the reason why I don’t have a before-after pic and body weight, because I wasn’t really preparing for it.

So what’s a General Motors Diet?

This weight loss management plan was actually designed by General Motors Corporation to help their employee stay in shape. The plan composes specific food on a specific day, properly structured that you don’t even starve during the day. The projection of weight loss in 7 days plan is between 4-5kgs, and I happily announced that it worked for my friend who lost 4 kgs in his first attempt.

I didn’t weight in but I felt lighter, fresher, better metabolism and lesser appetite too.

General Motors Diet Plan

Day 1 Have only fruits (exclude grapes (but I still had it), banana, mango)

Day 2 Have only veggies

Day 3 Have fruits and veggies (exclude grapes, banana, mango, potatoes)

Day 4 Eat total 6 bananas and 3 glasses of milk for the whole day

Day 5 Eat beef 500gr and maximum 6 whole tomatoes the whole day

Day 6 Eat beef/fish/chicken and veggies

Day 7 Eat brown rice, fruit juice and unlimited veggies

You must drink water a lot. Some other drinks that are allowed are black coffee, black tea and club soda, but as long as you drink a lot of water along with it.

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Tips for a successful General Motors Diet

1. Preparation is key, especially if you don’t stock a lot of fruit on daily basis. Make sure you stack all the fruits needed beforehand.

2. Avoid cafes and restaurants as best as you can.

3. Hangout with friends can probably be delayed until next week.

4. Determination is important.

5. Have a diet buddy to boost your spirit.




I am planning to start the diet plan again on 17 October 2016. Would you like to be my diet buddy? Contact me HERE with subject: General Motors Diet Buddy if you are interested.

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