The Businessman Who Thinks He is Something

The Businessman Who Thinks He is Something
February 5, 2016 Rina
In Personal, Rina's Note

I consider myself as a nice and polite person on my own social media accounts, especially on Facebook, when talking about interaction with other users/friends. Apart from my own decision that anyone who request to be a friend with me must knew me in person or at least have more than 30 mutual friends, I pay fully respect to other’s opinions as long as they put it on their own timeline.


But today, for the first time I have to block a friend. Not because I hate him, but because he needs to be resuscitated from his dreamy land of being a super successful businessman that he thought giving him the rights to insult others.

He’s not a Donald Trump. Not even one forth of Bill Gates. But snob, is definitely part of him.

Here’s the thing….

When you have felt the struggle. When you have fought the battle and won it to reach to the peak, it would be respectful to stay humble and inspire others in your kindness. No one would look up to you if what you do most of the times is insulting people, especially your friends, that they are not worthy enough just because they build a career while you build a business.

There is always a sky above the sky. There is always someone reached higher than you did. Being a businessman doesn’t define who you are or make you better than the people around you. Being an aspiring businessman is a pride, I understand. It’s normal to scream in happiness when you win something. We would definitely celebrate with you. But if along with it you throw insults and belittle everyone over your achievement, you will definitely celebrate with your own shadow.

Do look around. If you only see money and no friends beside you, it’s time to ask that one question: is it worth it?

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Comments (2)

  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    You need to bring others up with you. Sure, you can stomp all over people and rise up to the top, but once you get up there, it’s pretty lonely if you didn’t help others up along the way. Sorry you had to deal with a snob!

  2. Ananda Ramartha 5 years ago

    wow, there are those kind of people who think they are better than other just because of material thingy. Way to go Kak for sharing this.

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