Jakarta on Fear and Jokes

Jakarta on Fear and Jokes
January 17, 2016 Rina
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If you ask me how I feel about the recent bomb blast in the center of Jakarta, honestly I feel annoyed. Yes, I am upset too for the victims and their family, but at the same time I am annoyed because it was indeed unnecessary attack despite it was carried on the name of religion.

Terror was the only reason. It probably could succeed had it been carried on in other city of different country. But Jakarta….Jakarta is something else. See on the news channel yourself, how people kept pouring down to the scene to get the first sight on whatever was going on in there. Fear? Curiosity beats everything, I guess. Street vendors run their business just like the other day, even sold some items to the policemen and people from the crowd. In no time, this terror attack has turned into a circus and the scene has become one kind of attraction spot. Brave? Probably not.

Then, opinions divided. People are now not arguing about the bomb blast nor the shooting spree, but whether it is appropriate or not to make jokes out of this situation.




Because, within hours, the trending topic say on twitter was not #prayforjakarta anymore. It shifted to #jakartaberani (Jakarta is brave) and #kamitidaktakut (we are not scared). Jokes and memes have been flaunting on every social media and chat groups mocking the terror and the terrorists. Handsome cops and his outfits drew more attention rather than who the people behind that suicide bombs and guns were.

One shouted that the hash tags were not about bravery but actually we were all in denial. We masked our fear and hide behind it. The fact was we were in fear. Truly, I agree on that point, that we were indeed in fear. But to chose not to show it to the world, and instead to chose to be strong, it is something more than just masking.

And for those people who made jokes and still can laugh about it, they were not stupid too. They were trying to conquer the terror itself. Terror act is done to instill intense fear on others. Though it looks like insensitive to make and share jokes and memes about it, try not to judge and see from the other side of the fence.

On a side note, I hope the bomb blast and shooting spree last week are not taken too lightly by the police force and government of Indonesia. Tighten the security in every corner, every entrance, every where. Assure safety above anything else.

These people, these bad people, won’t stop at one or two attempts.

Joining Starbucks Indonesia, here with I am raising my cup for Jakarta.


PS: Photos were taken near the scene of bomb blast few days before it happened. I was there with family to enjoy some leisure times because every Sunday was Car Free Day. We had coffee at Starbucks Plaza Indonesia in the afternoon before going home.

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    I don’t think any act of terror is a laughing matter, and going down and making a spectacle at the site is an insult to the victims and their families. As an American, I’ll say that we do fear these kind of attacks, as we always seem to be the biggest target. However, we will stand united and fight back, not laugh and try to get something trending on Twitter. I do pray for those who were senselessly hurt in the Jakarta bombings.

    • Rina 5 years ago

      Yes agree it’s not a laughing matter. I guess for some people these kind of act have become soooo super annoying that laughing bitterly is their way to fight the viral :(

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