Enjoying 5 Stars Breakfast Buffet The Right Way

Enjoying 5 Stars Breakfast Buffet The Right Way
January 3, 2016 Rina
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Actually, there is no right or wrong way about enjoying one’s breakfast in a 5 stars hotel. The only thing that could go wrong is probably the way service staff perform their breakfast theatre in the morning of 1st January where guests are jam packed, all come with growling tummy, sleep-deprived, and a little hang over. Liz has a better say on this one with her firsthand experience at Best Western Premier. But you need to read it later on her post.

The only reason why I put “the right way” on the title is because I am writing this from my perspective, as in my way, and here, my way is the right way. (oh please don’t give me that smirk!).

Moving on.

I always love enjoying good buffet breakfast with impeccable service. Hotels with 5 stars claimed always find their way to deliver it. Of course price won’t lie. That’s why I am grateful that my first two days in 2016 were always started with a superb breakfast experience at Crowne Plaza.

What would you do when three to four, sometimes more, buffet island welcome you in a restaurant all carry fresh and colorful dishes to satiate your palate at breakfast? A friendly but classy hostess greets you at the entrance and shows you the way to your table. What’s next?


Here’s how I operated my morning meal in the first two days of the new year (well, this is always how I operate my morning meal in every time I have it at a buffet breakfast). A glass of orange juice has been my first to grab. Like, always! Then, while I flew over to the egg station, normally this would be live cooking station, I made sure that I had a cup of coffee served. When a restaurant is busy, waiting at the egg station could be a little frustrating. Most people are all egg for breakfast. The queue is always very long at peak hours. Gladly, Crowne Plaza Bandung pre-boiled few eggs at once and they also served ready made omelette at the counter. For someone who was too tired to stand still waiting for a perfect sunny side ups, these certainly would do. So omelette for two days in a row? Fine by me.

Salad stations and sausages had my attention after eggs. It created colors in my breakfast plate and I loved it. Matter of fact, every where I go for a buffet breakfast, this would be my kind of choices. You can say that I am so predictable. But I am not one who would grab everything from every corner, say rice dishes, pastries, breads, eggs, soups, salad, sausages, porridge, juices, fruits, cereals, and end up with massive left over that you could feed a village with.

Such a waste.

My two cents? Always hit the light meal first. Juices and fruits are good to start your meal with before you move on to the heavy ones. Don’t overeat. Don’t sample every thing as if the buffet were moved to your table. Relax, buffet breakfast at 5 stars hotels always get refilled in time.

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    We always choose a hotel based on what they are serving at their breakfast buffet. We like the convenience of not having to leave the hotel to eat in the morning. I agree, stick with the lighter foods first, like fruits and yogurts, then if there is room, grab some of the heavier stuff.

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