Breakfast Fail at Best Western Premier The Bellevue

Breakfast Fail at Best Western Premier The Bellevue
January 4, 2016 Liz
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To mark the new year of 2016 my friend and I decided that we were going to sleep on it stylishly in a good hotel. From several choices, Best Western Premier The Bellevue stood out with it’s good rate and strategic location, in addition to it’s brand new condition.


Certainly I expected more than just a comfy room when I book a stay at a hotel.

In the morning of 1st January 2016, the restaurant was packed. It was expected as the glorious party that happens only once a year has just ended. People were hungry. So were I.

Breakfast is a sacred morning ritual. It’s a build up routine that not many people would be willingly to change, even once in a blue moon. For example, if one drinks coffee every morning, there is no chance he would shift to a cup of tea just because the restaurant he was in for breakfast couldn’t serve him one. Moreover, a cup of coffee is a default on breakfast (alongside a cup of tea, sure). So obviously, expecting a cup of coffee to be served at breakfast is not an exaggeration.

I guess, I wasn’t exaggerating too when half of empty shaving dishes welcomed us for breakfast at 9am. What happened??


Why no refill? Why so much mess?

As we sat at our table, a waiter storm-passed us while making a rude remark about another guest. I asked for a sauce to another wait staff, she showed me where it was and told me to get it myself across the room. There was not a great service whatsoever.

Morning time sets the mood for the entire day. Thanks for my sleep deprivation, rather than creating a scene about it I opted to go back to our room and continued to doze off.


I believe it was just a hick up at the food and beverage team of Best Western Premier The Bellevue. Most hotels might face the same tension when it comes to post-new year event. Well-preparation is key.

Having said that, I’m grateful for the rest of my stay at the hotel. The room was not a let down.

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