The Value of Your Dreams

The Value of Your Dreams
December 31, 2015 Rina
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Recently I have had an enlightening experience when the value of my dream was underrated by someone I paid my respect at. Funny, how life can take you up really high that you start to look down to people around you. Even to those that hardly know you, or the otherwise.

I believe success belongs to everyone in this planet, if not the universe. But, success comes in various forms instead of uniformity. For example, woman A may take her success by earning just enough money but has more time with her children. Woman B may consider herself successful when she manages to juggle work and home and be somewhere in between. Another woman may think $3000 monthly wage is enough, the others may think it should be beyond $3000. Regardless, you cannot push your own value to scale someone else’s success because both of you may not be on a same page.



Merry Riana in her book finds the words for me, that working hard to success with a goal of financial freedom is not being a slave to money. People say, money is not the most important thing in life. But actually everything that is important needs money. Say, a good school for your kids, healthy meals for your family, medication for your loved ones, and if you have bigger dream, to provide a job field for others, certainly you will need money.

Having a dream is everyone’s right. What is not, is to underestimate someone else’s dream. Moreover, if you are trying to gain something in return from that person.

Just saying.

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