Point Break’s Lessons in Life

Point Break’s Lessons in Life
December 20, 2015 Rina
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Five things I learned this week, out of which three were stolen from Point Break, enriched my perspective greatly. The one that worried me the most was that Apple unfortunately has moved on way too far and fast that my old iPad couldn’t find the right cable to recharge.

I guess, sooner or later I have to follow suit. It’s another pocket to fill. Oh my. New iPad it is. Coming soon I hope.

Meanwhile, mix and match was also a bright subject on a Saturday afternoon. Last week I picked up few old clothes that I left at my mom’s house. These stuffs were not worn often and despite the overcrowded closet, I braced myself to load them in.


For our afternoon city sightseeing I wore green-blue floral dress-turned-blouse, tucked underneath my unbranded pink trouser. Added on was my favorite neckless of colorful stones. With them I rode Paris van Java streets.




Three perspectives I stole from Point Break. But before that, I must tell you that the effects and scenes from this movie were breathtaking. The wave, the mountain, the snow, the waterfall..all of them were AMAZING. The stunts they did in the movie could stop your heartbeat in a second. A 4D movie date for Point Break is highly recommended; you can take my words!
There were so many hidden messages of life you could extract from the movie. The following three were my extractions (you could add yours in the comment field below if you like):
1. Everyone has his own path in life. What he needs to do is embrace it.
2. Your life is a manifestation of what you do. No one is responsible other than you yourself.
3. Once you make a choice, the path is yours.

Learned and grew five things wiser.

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