What’s with Keywords Not Provided

What’s with Keywords Not Provided
May 26, 2015 CuteCoco

I like to play around with my analytics recently and touch a bit of SEO for my headline and title page. Gotta admit it the number is rising steadily after I did that. Not much. But steady.

Every now and then I would open my analytics, which I have installed on my phone to make it easier for me, and stumbled upon the words “keywords not provided”.

What the hell is that?

Almost all SEO guru suggests that we keep an eye on keywords that send us traffic and try to craft great posts based on them. But what if the keywords are not provided?

So I googled it.


Keywords not provided is the end result when searches come from secure sites. It happens when you surf the net with your gmail account logged on or when the links start with https instead of http. Rumor has it that Google purposely hides this portion of data so that they can sell it through adwords. But this is just a rumor and proven wrong.

It is indeed frustrating when you try to learn the statistic of your blog performance and this term sits right at the top of the list. Knowing which keyword sends you traffic more is certainly useful to set your future posts to ensure that you include that keyword in its content. But the bundle of number that says keywords not provided makes it difficult to do so.

I like the 9 steps to steal back those hidden keywords provided by Wordstream back in 2013. The 9th step in particular is my favorite; Forget the obsession for keywords and just write great contents. Go on click here to see all the 9 steps.

Are you keywords obsessed?

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