Wellness Wednesday #20: Fighting in a Hair Loss War

Wellness Wednesday #20: Fighting in a Hair Loss War
May 27, 2015 CuteCoco

Here’s an update as strains of hair are falling of my head. By the time I finish writing this the hairs down below can make a full wig. Just saying.


While I thought, at first, my hair fall was simply due to bad shampoo Debbie and Theresa notified me that the reasons could be something deeper. It could be due to lack of vitamin and mineral, stress, tiredness, autoimmune disorder and a lot more. I know this battle is a loosing game if I don’t do a structured approach. Obviously I have tons of homework to do in this health and wellness division.

So I do it one step at a time.


You all know my passion of coconut water and Kan Gen water. So I am fixing them as something regular, and hopefully will become a habit. The other night the store I used to get my fresh coconut water from has run out of it. I decided to try this hydrococo water. It turned out nice.



Repairing my eating habit is not an easy task but doable. I bought veggies and fruits and started to cook again. I started with something simple, like breakfast. Again, I am returning to my favorite baby spinach omelet :).


I think next steps would be having my hair cut short, which I haven’t had the time to do it. But I will do it soon!

How are you doing with the wellness this week?



Some of you are probably aware that Maureen and I have just taken up a new opportunity and this, has taken up almost all of our time recently. Maureen has gone back to the full time working mom force while my projects including my printable planner is taking a new level too.

With this happening, we sadly announce that we have agreed to give a pause to this lovely circle until time permits once again.

Whenever possible I will still update the wellness series on Wednesday and you are all welcomed to join (although not in the linky but in the comment field).

Until then, thank you so much for all of you who had participated in Wellness Wednesday linky party with us and we look forward to having the circle back again sometime in the future!


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