A Quick Note: I am in Jakarta

A Quick Note: I am in Jakarta
May 14, 2013 CuteCoco

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. A very crowded place with psychotic traffic jam. Last Monday eve I took a flight to the city with the boys to renew my driving license. Because we have been nomaden the past four years my IDs are from all over the place. My ID card was issued in Bekasi, an outer part of Jakarta, while my driving license was issued in Lombok. So complicated! I will be here for one week to straight things up especially since my driving license is about to expire.

If you are a follower on twitter you would probably recognize my random live-tweeting during departure. Not very easy though, doing that while traveling with two boys under five ha ha..

Anyho, I will be so busy with this thing but I really hope it can be done as soon as possible.

Have a great week you all!

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  1. Theresa 8 years ago

    There is nothing I hate more than renewing my license. Just had it done in November though, so I am good for another 6 years! Woo Hoo! Good luck getting yours done speedy!

  2. momto8blog 8 years ago

    oh dear! good luck!!!!

  3. Oh man, that doesn’t sound like fun. Around here, we call it the RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) and I have three of them within about 20 minutes of my house, so I Have my choice of places to go when I need to renew—–which is only every 10 years.

  4. Rosey 8 years ago

    Ugh, mine expires soon too, I totally forgot about it! Good luck w/yours, I hope all goes smooth and fast and you’re back home soon.

    Psychotic traffic jam does not sound at all appealing.

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