8 Tips to Cut the Cost of Driving

8 Tips to Cut the Cost of Driving
December 14, 2012 CuteCoco

Do you drive a great deal in the course of a day? If you are the mom of young kids, you probably find yourself behind the wheel of a car more often than you would like. The price of gas continues to increase and most of us are reliant on our vehicles in our daily lives. The rising cost of fuel is out of our control, however it is possible to reduce how much you spend on gas by becoming a more efficient driver. You can cut down on driving costs and use less gas by putting these useful tips into practice.

1. Get a tune-up when needed

Keep your auto in good working condition, and do not neglect tune-ups when they are necessary. You can cut down on fuel consumption when your vehicle is operating efficiently.

2. Drive at a steady speed

When your kids are in the car, you drive cautiously. Those good driving habits should extend to times when the kids are not with you. Drive at a steady pace without rapid accelerations and decelerations. Do not be erratic in your driving as this can use more fuel. Remember that quick starts require twice as much gas as more gradual accelerations.

3. Be thrifty with air conditioning

Use your air conditioner as sparingly as possible. This can actually cut down on your fuel consumption.

4. Do errands in one trip

If you have a number of errands to do, try to accomplish them in one trip rather than making several shorter trips. Take the most direct routes to each destination to save on gas, and try to stay out of areas where traffic jams are common. Frequent stopping and starting can burn up a great deal of fuel.

5. Use GPS for trips to unfamiliar locations

Getting lost and trying to find your way back to your correct route is a waste of gasoline. If you are required to travel to an unfamiliar location, map out your route beforehand and be certain to use your GPS unit to ensure that you will get to your destination with a minimum of fuss.

6. Drive a vehicle that is fuel efficient

You will save on gas if you operate a vehicle that is fuel efficient and kind to you when you fill it up at the pump. A compact car will not require the same amount of gas as a larger vehicle but will still get you from point A to point B. You should research different types of vehicles online before you make a purchase to ensure that you are getting the most efficient car.

7. Obey the speed limit

Speeding not only puts you at risk for expensive tickets, it also uses more gas. There are many benefits to obeying the speed limit.

8. Avoid idling for any length of time

Another waste of gasoline is needless idling. If you allow your auto to idle for any length of time, you are using gas without getting anywhere. It will require less gas to turn the engine off and on again than it will to just keep your car idling.

You can do much to cut the cost of driving by following some simple tips. You will also become a safer driver and save on wear and tear to your vehicle.


Guest author:  Jane Simpson writes for www.onlineloancalculator.org, which has a useful tool for calculating the affordability of monthly payments on a new car.

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  1. Theresa 8 years ago

    Great tips! Every little thing we can do to save on gas is a good thing. I always leave the gas station feeling like I’ve just been robbed since prices are so darn high!

    • Author
      CuteCoco 8 years ago

      You are absolutely right! We are used to with how low petrol price is in Doha, Qatar so everytime we refill our tank here our pocket cries lol.

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