Saturday Mind: The Gym Trip

Saturday Mind: The Gym Trip
January 28, 2012 CuteCoco

I have told you the other day that we have gym facility in our building (read it HERE, if you haven;t). It is a small space with not more than four equipments and some dumbbells, and it is so dusty that I can tell you it has been a long time since someone actually spend some times there, either to exercise or to clean.

So after struggling with the lazy evil on when would be the best time for me to go there, if there is any time I managed to squeeze in a little bit of exercising spirit inside me couple of days ago. It came in a snap that before I knew it I have finished getting the kids for a bath, finished to take a bath myself and we were heading toward the elevator. The boys were very excited as they ran along the corridor. They always like how their loud voice echoing within the hallway.

Once we reached the elevator area I thought since we were going for an exercise we should not involve elevator today to get us to the ground floor. Our apartment is at the 6th floor and I knew going down through the stairs would make my muscles in the leg stiffen. It has been a long time since the last time I stepped on a gym floor. But chuck it! I told myself. I opened the door to the staircases and told the boys that we were going to use it instead of the elevator.

We stepped down very slowly. I was holding the boys with my two hands, the floor was slippery and I was too afraid that we were all going to slip and fall. When we reached the first floor my mind started to wander. I remembered that I have had ironed my clothes before going. Did I turn off the ironer and plug it out? I tried to think hard but then decided I would not take any chance. So I dragged the boys into the first floor elevator area and pushed the up arrow. Now the boys started questioning. They must have been thinking why the trip was so short. Whether the trip was actually only about to test the staircases.

I told them that I just needed to make a quick look at the apartment. And I did. The ironer was plugged out and kept safely in it’s place. What a waste little time I had taken for being a bit forgetful. We went back to the elevator area and this time I decided we took the elevator.

To enter the gym we had to go outside, made a left turn to reach the door and then entered. It was winter but the room didn’t have a heater. It was too cold inside but that didn’t stop me from doing what I was meaning to do, to exercise. My favorite one has been always the elliptical trainer. So there I went.

Did a quick warming up and I started. It was not a comfortable experience as my nose kept getting hurt every time I exhaled the freezing air. The boys were busy exploring the area and in between my short breaths  I had to keep telling them no and don’t touch it for million times. Until I saw my first son making the sign. It was the sign that he was in the verge of needing to release a.k.a wanted to go to pee urgently.

There wasn’t any toilet nearby. The only option was to go back to our apartment as quickly as possible to avoid any ‘accident’. I checked the timer, it wasn’t even five minutes since I started to cycle. Sigh, what a great exercise. I knew if we went back to the apartment there would be no way my spirit would resume and brought me back to the gym. And that was how I ended up my five minutes gym session.

I hope I will have better luck next time. When the good spirit kicks again!

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  1. Jenalin 9 years ago

    We have a fitness room at our building too. I used to visit it often when I was on maternity leave. Now that work had taken over and the kids o be watched, it’s harder to get in there. But no excuse not to go really. You are awesome to even go even or 5 mins. Lol. 5 mins today is much better than 0 mins. Who knows next week could be 10. Good on you to start m’dear.

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      Thanks for the motivation..I really can use that one since I haven’t come back there again after my ‘very’ short exercise LOLOLOLOL!!

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