E Book Giveaway; I Choose “Because I Said So – and Other Tales from a Less Than Perfect Parent”

E Book Giveaway; I Choose “Because I Said So – and Other Tales from a Less Than Perfect Parent”
January 27, 2012 CuteCoco

Anyone who knows me will definitely confirm that I am one of those avid readers. I love to read and I read mostly everything. It must have been rooted from my childhood when I was subscribed to magazines started from Bobo, Ananda, Aku Anak Saleh all the way to my teen like Kawanku, Gadis, Mode, Aneka and to my college time, Cosmopolitan. Now, I read random magazines, mostly Oprah and other tabloids like People, US Weekly, InTouch, Ahlan, Friday and some newspaper. I even include Facebook and Twitter on my reading list.

From all the readings that I have been doing, these days I am also very much into blog reading and free EPUB book reading. Why? Because they are good and FREE. Our financial situation is getting a bit better now but the priority set is too high that it can not sufficiently enough to cater my eagerness to read. I still manage to set aside a small amount of money to get me one or two magazine but those magazines will be overed within one day of reading. Books are also quite expensive here that I have turned into free e-book download from various online sources.

The other day I spotted a great opportunity that can open up a window for me to get a free book. Not just a free book, but a free book that I chose. The opportunity comes from Tempat Ketiga blog of Chita that is doing a book giveaway of our own choice. And of course my first choice straight away goes for Dawn Meehan’s Because I Said So – And Other Tales from a Less Than Perfect Parent.


This book shares the story of Dawn Meehan as a mom of 6 who struggles to keep her day to day life sane while swimming the madness ocean of motherhood.

Why do I chose this book?

First, I LOVE her blog. She has a great style in turning a disaster event or even a boring one into amazing story. Her blog posts are always funny and hillarious. Even when she is rambling, a bit angry, she still sounds lovely.

Second, Dawn Meehan is just an ordinary mama. She is not a super duper star in reality shows where most of their lifes are staged. She is so original and honest. She makes me feel that I am not alone and to have ER trip as a regular is normal for parent with boys in the house. Or a broken arm, playing with toothpaste and other hysterical things are totally acceptable in some ways.

Third, I haven’t seen a review of her books especially this one. But the way she writes her blog tells me more than anything that this book also rocks.

Fourth, she did a giveaway once for this book in which I entered. Unfortunately it was not my luck. Probably it was also because I was not (and still not) a US based.

Fifth, it is sold in Amazon.com and less than $20 as per requirement from the Giveaway host, Chita.

Sixth and the final reason why I chose this book is because I know in my heart that it is a great reading and a valuable addition to my books collection.


There you go. I have said it all. Now please pray the best for me, wish me luck and I really..really..really…reaaaallllyyyyyy hope that I am the winner of this giveaway. (God, please help me!)

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  1. Chita 9 years ago

    Wow, keren banget Mrs. Meehan, nggak kebayang gimana punya anak enam!
    Thank you udah ikutan giveaway-ku, I wish you luck!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Author
      CuteCoco 9 years ago

      amin amin amiiiiiiiiin ๐Ÿ˜€

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