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Frugality in Style with Vincci Handbag

I have been trying to live in frugality these days. I have had so many things going on that needed extra expenses and that had caused a bit of leakage on our budget. Although I consider those expenses as an investment but still since it hasn’t produced any income yet our budget stays with holes. The fact that vacation time is getting closer just adds more nerve to us.

Every year is always like this, especially for expats like us. We have yearly vacation allotment and everybody is likely to spend those times at their home country. Well vacation means expenses too and despite how much we try to keep up with our vacation savings, it has never seemed quite enough.

This month my favorite handbag has worn off. I love that handbag and I have been carrying it with me wherever I go. I have other handbags but I love this one. It’s already one year now since I bought it, the overall condition is still good but a bit of peel offs on the handles. So yesterday as we hang out at one of the mall I decided to look for a new bag. The fun part was, since I was trying to be frugal, I set a budget limit of only QR.250 (the max) for a new bag in hunt.

I figured it would be quite difficult. I wasn’t in for Burberry nor Gucci. I wasn’t too fond of the models and the price was killing my wallet too. But other brands or the non branded ones mostly costed above QR. 250 so the handbag hunting was very interesting for me (not so much for my husband and the two boys who had to follow me in and out at almost every handbag shop in that mall).

Of course, months ago I have found out that when you are in a tight budget but still wanting for a style, Vincci is one of the good choices you can think of. So after taking one round I decided to stop by the outlet. Turned out it was a wise decision because I found a nice bag, not too blinky, classic model with eye-striking color.

It has single short handle, which I love about it, and it has also longer strap so you can wear it like a messenger bag.

It has one compartment inside with one small zipped pocket, one open pocket and one handphone pocket, and one small zipped compartment on the out side.

The great part was because it only costed me around QR.229!

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