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  • Fight the Unwanted Ageing with NovAge Ultimate Lift Skincare Set


    In my search of a great skincare product to replace my almost finished day cream my friend introduced me…

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  • Fast and Furious 7: For Paul

    For a woman whose movie interest is more into romance comedy, watching fast cars flying around and heroic fightings...

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  • Friday Finday #6: Liwet Pak Asep Stroberi

    Our trip to Garut, West Java, two weeks ago was about finding a good customized leather jacket for husband....

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  • Picture Collage Maker Pro: Pearl Mountain Xmas Pack up to 60% off

    Five days to go before Christmas comes with a bang. I am sure everyone who celebrates is gearing up...

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  • An Hour in the Dark with Sukar Pasha

    If you have been to Doha Cultural and Heritage Village you probably know this Turkish Restaurant. It is right...

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  • What to Expect when Visiting Doha Cultural and Heritage Village (Katara Project) in the Night

    We have heard some great things about this place before we went last night. Some people said it was...

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