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  • 50% OFF All Items on CuteCoconutShop

    I am coming with newer designs, but first I want to give the right farewell to the current design...

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  • (How To) Make Your Own Notebook with No Stitching

    As you all are aware (or probably not) I just started my handmade business two months ago. It has...

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  • Printable list things to do

    [Bazaar Online] The CuteCoconutShop Story

    “You are talented Rina. You should work” a former boss texted me the other day. It was already two...

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  • Introducing: My Design – Printable Adventure

    I am super duper smooper happy to announce that my Etsy shop is now up and running. What am...

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  • Friday Finday #5: Printable Lofts

    Last year I have made a victorious accomplishment when I could tick off one of my resolution in mid...

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