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  • Point Break’s Lessons in Life


    Five things I learned this week, out of which three were stolen from Point Break, enriched my perspective greatly....

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  • Dream Big, Have A Courage

    When you tried your hands on a totally new world, you will gain not only the pain but also...

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  • To You Who is Pursuing Your Dream

    It’s not easy. I wish I can say the otherwise but in this world that is getting more skeptical...

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  • Rest in Peace

    I was heartbroken when the news reached me on Monday evening that E has passed away that very moment...

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  • Wellness Wednesday #19: Hair Loss Fighting Plan

    We’re back!! Last week was crazy, Maureen and I were caught in our own busy-ness and we were drained...

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  • Wellness Wednesday #18: All About Coconut Water

    Please don’t add milk and sugar; a line that has become the new standard when you order for a...

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