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  • Fight the Unwanted Ageing with NovAge Ultimate Lift Skincare Set


    In my search of a great skincare product to replace my almost finished day cream my friend introduced me…

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  • Crowne Plaza Bandung: a Relaxing Staycation at the Heart of the City Buzz

    These past weeks, I have been burned out. So much things to do but so little time. I am...

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  • Cake Decorating with Y u s y s c a k e s

    Next week K is turning 7 and he is super excited about it. Apparently being the youngest in the...

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  • Migrating to 4G LTE by Mentari Indosat

    As the 4G LTE connection becomes available in Indonesia J suggested that we both got our SIM card changed...

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  • The Game’s On!

    Buying my own product may sound silly but honestly I really love the first professional edition of CuteCoconut Planner!...

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  • Friday Finday #6: Liwet Pak Asep Stroberi

    Our trip to Garut, West Java, two weeks ago was about finding a good customized leather jacket for husband....

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