Rina’s Note

  • waterproof bed shield

    When My Bed-wetter Strikes

    My bed-wetter stroke again last night. Two nights in a row. Unfortunately the doable trial and errors don’t give...

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  • 2014 Resolutions Fail

    Marching into the last month of the year I am carrying a lot of excitements in my bag. New...

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  • The Reasons Behind My Garage Sale

    I truly believe that someone’s junk can become someone else’s treasure. My love of garage sale has been growing...

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  • CuteCoconut Kids: Let’s be playful!

    It is always fun to watch the kids play, sing and laugh. Seems like the whole world is nothing...

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  • Top 20 Overwhelming Questions Your Kids Can Shoot You With

    When K was at very young age (probably just passed 2 yrso) he once peed on the sofa. I...

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  • CuteCoconut Kids: A Little Blue Tie

    I remember on Wednesday I was so distressed because it was only Wednesday! Works this week have been madness...

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