• Introducing: My Design – Printable Adventure

    I am super duper smooper happy to announce that my Etsy shop is now up and running. What am...

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  • Boys Style Ideas for Year End 2014

    What’s your plan for the year end of 2014? Mine? Not much. We are probably going to spend the...

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  • Friday Finday #2: Poofy Organics

    Organic products are on the rise. People are drawn into the buying organic products masquerade not only for the...

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  • Why French Is A Fantastic Option For Children Looking For A Language

    Back in college, I used to see my friends who took the French class tried to speak with each...

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  • Cutecoconut Shop

    God is working on something better for me and my family. I know this because I can feel it....

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  • Festive Season at JW Marriott Medan

    Celebrating Year-End Holiday Season

    It has been two years now since our last vacation. Things have been piling up till the top of...

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