Pit Stop Sex: Tricks to The Ultimate Pleasure

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What did you think when you read the words pit stop sex? Something hot? or dirty? Maybe all of them, but really what I meant was simply a sex car. My friend suggested the idea to not just call it with its literal meaning because after all what I wanted to talk about was a sex in a parked car. So since the car isn’t moving, a pit stop sex makes perfect sense for the name. Doesn’t it?

Honestly in that department I am a virgin. Yes, I have never done it. So lame, said one of my girlfriend with whom this topic became a whole conversation on its own. Sex talk is not a taboo thing within my circle of friends. Matter of fact, I believe it is one of the reasons of what girlfriends are for. Granted, many of you don’t even talk about it openly with your own husband.

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Soooouuu…knowing that I haven’t done nor performed any sex action in a car my friend gave me some tricks to the ultimate pleasure. Here’s how to pull off a pit stop sex successfully:

If it’s pouring hard you can do it anywhere you want. No one would bother to stop to look because they would all be thinking of getting home fast. But in a dry day, park in a very quiet place or better, in your own garage (but then where’s the thrill, right?).

You would want to have the AC on. Unless, you are comfortable enough to let the window slightly open. Just make sure you are sweating because the act is hot, not because you need some fresh air.

Front seat is worse, not only because it is more congested but also it is where the horn lives. You don’t want to make loud noises in the middle of the hot session, do you?
Back seat on the other hand is more spacious. At least your legs can move more flexible.

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In other words: make sure your car window is almost completely dark so that no one from the outside can easily see what is happening inside.

A car that is shaking catches attention. Move slowly, enjoy the moment.

I don’t think I have to explain about this right? One word: easy.

The stuff you need within arm-reached are tissues, wet tissues and water.

Before you go for a pit stop sex, please make sure you understand that getting caught in the act performing a sex action in a public place can give you a misdemeanour charge. Although, our car is actually not a public place, but if you do it in a plain sight during the day light you definitely won’t be able to get away with it.

So be wise.

And, here a song to go along 😉

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  1. Maureen 5 years ago

    Hahahaha all the tips are so true! Uhm….have I try it? Will tell you on WhatsApp hahaha

  2. Sams katie` 2 years ago

    Geat content and it is helping me in bed hahahah

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