Clock is Ticking

Clock is Ticking
September 13, 2016 Rina
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Time is always onwards. It ticks in a blink of an eye, makes you lost the count and suddenly you wake up too late to gain everything again because time has left you behind, in silent.

I heard couple of depressing news yesterday. One of my ex-college junior had passed away after a long time battle with kidney failure. This is not one case. Few months ago, a girl who used to go to the same college as I did also passed away due to complication related to kidney.

You know, when you were younger you didn’t get to receive news like this. Life was full of rainbows and unicorns, and fairy tale on going. But as you get older, death has become so intense and factual. You realised that your presence in this world actually has a purpose. You obviously were not born only to pay bills and die. No way.

So as people you knew are gone one by one, you start to re-evaluate whether you have served your purpose. Have you used the entire talent and opportunity God gave you? Have you lived to the fullest? or have you been living in fear all your life? Fear of taking chances, fear of moving forward, fear of the unknown?

Here’s the ultimate question: have you been happy?

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