Meet Up Invitations Dos and Don'ts

Meet Up Invitation: Dos and Don’ts
July 11, 2016 Rina
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In festive season like this, almost everyone from afar returns home to get together with family and friends. In Indonesia, for instance, once the Ramadhan month kicks off breakfasting invitations pour down. Timelines are full of pictures of people gathering. If breakfasting is missed, there is always an opportunity to catch up after Eid celebration.

It’s a yearly routine.

What excites me most? The rare opportunity to meet up with besties who stay overseas. It’s always nice to finally talk face to face after a full year only conversing over social media or text messages, right?

Sure some of us will already lead a totally different lives and probably sometimes there are some of us who feel disconnected or just in doubt to consider whether a meet up is necessary or not. However, no matter what you feel you should always consider these dos and don’ts when you get an invitation to meet up with old besties:

1.Show some respect
Even if you are not interested to reconnect be grateful that you are not forgotten and the least you can do is to say thank you. It hurts more if you see the pictures on instagram without you in it and knowing that you didn’t even get the invitation.

2.Turn it down politely
Sometimes you are busy, sometimes you are just unavailable and sometimes you just don’t want to. Whatever your reason or excuse is, say it politely. Trust me, if you keep doing it like 4 to 5 times, you won’t be bothered with receiving any more invitations and you are free, and happy.

3. Don’t ask “who are coming”
Does it matter? You are just showing that you are not a fun person, because you only want to mingle and connect with selected people. Maybe there is one or two people in the circle that you dislike?

4. Don’t give false hope
Either you come or you don’t.

5. Appreciate others’ time
When everyone in the friends circle is busy, they obviously have worked it out with their schedule to come and meet up. Respect their time, say it if you are going to be late or do better by showing up on time.

Having said that, I honestly believe that networking is very important. Keeping up a good friendship is indeed hard work, but at the same time it’s rewarding. Won’t you agree?

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