Hello and Quick Updates

Hello and Quick Updates
May 20, 2016 Rina
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It has been awhile now since the last time I went here (on admin side) to update with new postings. Believe me, we have tons of new entries the thing is finding a time to actually sit and do it is quite a big issue these days. But we are working on it, swears!

When you have a flexible working hours or you work from home – or from anywhere else as long as there is electricity and internet – you think you can cover everything. You think that time is in your side and you can actually rule it as you wish. The fact is? You can’t. At least for my part, sitting and typing is a hard work.

As I explore the business adventures with Allianz, the world is much more challenging, and sure this is the type of occupation that most people look down to – until they realize they actually need an insurance. So every morning or once in awhile if not everyday I go to the office, have a Monday meeting or just get together and talk about products and business in general. Sometimes, when the kids are on school holiday, I need to take them with me.



The job requires me to meet a lot of people, which is the best thing besides helping others to get protection of course. Many times, when I posted on social media that I am meeting someone, friends think I was prospecting the other person. While it’s never be the case I am happy they build my identity (ha!).

New business is also brewing, partnering with my close circle of friends. We are working on an online based preloved fashion items store that mainly operates on instagram with occasional offline sales.


Liz and I had a great time get together taking opportunity of complimentary stay at Alila Jakarta, of which I am saving for later post. Unfortunately for me, upon our return to Bandung, the kids and J had to stay in hospital due to typhoid fever except for J who had vertigo. The situation stayed for almost two weeks, ruining all the schedule that I have made. May is almost ended and I am doing my best to pick up the pieces. Kids and J are okay now.


That’s the update so far. Look forward to more interesting updates soon, will ya?!

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