5 Things You Must Know About Life After 30s

5 Things You Must Know About Life After 30s
May 21, 2016 Rina
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Initially, this entry was titled 5 Things Every Party Girl Must Know About Life After 30s. But it was too long and I think EVERYONE before 30 should know the things that would go off once the number reached beyond 30s. Trust me, this is from firsthand experience that got confirmed by most of my friends who have the same age as mine.

When you are in your golden 20s life is carefree. You can party all night long and you can show up at work, even with a little bit of hungover. There is no mountain too high, no place too far and you are ready to try almost anything in life.

And then, BAM! You wake up and it’s your 30th birthday. Worst scenario? You didn’t realize it until another 4 years and life starts taking its toll, in turn.

These are the 5 things you must know about life after 30s:
1. You WILL feel sick and tired of partying. Unless you are crazy.
2. Snuggling in a couch watching your favorite movie on TV is your Saturday night is all about, and you are loving it.
3. You start to regret all the thing you didn’t do.
4. Pyjama is your favorite attire.
5. One night spent for staying up late must be paid off with two days of sleep. Forget about showing at work hungover, you barely move.

They say life starts at 40. Well, I tell you that it’s all BS. Life starts when you really know what you want to do with life. Go wild, have fun but remember the clock never turn back. Whatever you do today builds your future.

So there you go, the important things you should know about life after 30s. What are you going to do about it?

PS: Career Contessa hands out these investments you need to make at your 20s. Go read it HERE.

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