Top 5 Business Opportunities Perfect for Women

Top 5 Business Opportunities Perfect for Women
March 31, 2016 Rina
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Big dreamers, come out of your shell and rise! It’s time to show some power because the world is open wide and everything we need is right there, only clicks away. Leave the old school thought, that people need to be a civil servant. Not that anything’s wrong with that. But, let’s face it dear. Life has so much more to offer than a desk and piles of boring paperworks.

There are many people whom I have an opportunity to talk with, in urgent need of more money. The struggle is real with high-rocketing living cost. One thing that is hard to conquer is that the struggle mostly doesn’t come along with the courage to take a leap. It’s everyone’s right to dream big, it’s everyone’s right to be successful. But many choose to stay in their comfort zone, or worst, do nothing about it. Hear me out, and this is not new actually, but big people and successful leaders don’t emerge from a comfort zone.

Your future is woven by your todays and womenpreneurship is on. Scan my top 5 business opportunities perfect for women at any productive age, decide which will be yours and act upon it.


1. Grow with Allianz Life
In this business, you are not only coached and guided to be strong, positive and faithful but also to always look a problem from various angles and think out of the box. Unlike other companies that use multiple layers of organization chart or business model, Allianz offers a much simpler business system yet more powerful. The system introduces two layers that are Business Executives and Business Partners. Those who are just newly joined the force automatically acquire Business Executive title. In this layer, you are considered as an individual hence you are producing sales on your own and for yourself. In conventional way, this could be regarded as a retailer.

Allianz sets a minimum production target for all new business executives to be achieved within 2 years (the sooner the better) to open the gate to the next layer, which is Business Partner. Here is where the money is. As a business partner, you are now regarded as a unit. It means you are now authorized to start recruiting team members to grow the business with you. Your income increases too. If as a business executive you are only commissioned upon your personal production, as a business partner you have additional overriding commission upon your personal production and your unit production. This commission increases when you successfully take your business executives up and become business partners like you. The above are not yet included other rewards and challenges, such as overseas trip, cash, fancy cars and many more. In conventional way, a business partner could be regarded as a wholesaler.

A special note to be taken that this is a crazy business, when you are paid 24 times commission for each policy production plus another 36 times reduction commission while if you sell one conventional item you are only paid one time.

Click HERE to invest 20 minutes of your time to learn more about this business.

2. Beauty and Make Money with Oriflame

One thing I like about doing business with Oriflame is because the products are for skin care and beauty. Which woman out there who hates make up? The brand’s voice are effectively conveyed through its monthly catalogue that displays enough products to dry out your pocket, ranging from a simple lipgloss to classy perfume or from a simple lotion to powerful anti aging creams.

Oriflame distribution system uses multilevel marketing, a network based business that are doable pretty much from anywhere. Its online support is very strong providing easy access for its consultants to order an item. Like most networking based business, recruitment is the backbone of this business. I like to put the concept in simpler form: what you do is actually to influence others to use Oriflame product by changing your habit in using any cosmetic/skin care product to those from Oriflame and with that you will gain better skill about the product knowledge that will be helpful for your suggestive selling drive.

Do you have to run the business if you buy Oriflame product? The answer is NO. The choice is yours, whether you want to be only a consumer, or a reseller, or a business person.

My friend Yuli would be very happy to run through with you about all aspect in this business. Visit her page HERE.

3. Freedom to be you with Jafra

This is another new player in multilevel marketing in Indonesia despite its existence in the world has been since 1956. Jafra unique name was derived from its cofounders’ name Jan and Frank Day. The line focuses more on skin care and lesser variety in cosmetic, which is also one benefit for its consultant as inventory is steady and catalogues don’t change every month.

With its new entrance, Jafra opens wider chance to grow the business together. They recently open new opportunity in Bali and Manado and again, recruitment is the backbone. You can visit to see the products but if you want to learn about the business, Ms. Iza would be very pleased to explain it to you. Book an appointment with her today at +62 81220205281 or follow her instagram @jafravesta.

4. Run A Professional Garage Sale

When we returned to Indonesia around four years ago I have this idea in my mind, among others. I saw this business picks up pretty well in recent years and shift the entire concept from removing junk to lifestyle. All you need to do is to gather some likeminded friends with you and lay the rules. Find people who has a lot of stuff in their house or in their closet and offer them your garage sale service. Every week hold the garage sale off-line so your costumer can actually come to see firsthand what they are buying. My friends and I are actually starting one too, but the Facebook Page has been there for almost two years now. I haven’t renewed to inventory, but if you want to donate your thumb’s up first I would be thrilled! Go visit JunkRoyale Garage Sale on Facebook.

5. KUDO Mobile Application


Imagine you sell so many things without having to have a room to stock your inventory. Matter of fact, your store is only your beloved smartphone. Would that be awesome? I attended the launching of KUDO mobile application in early March 2016. It was masterminded by two young professionals, Agung Nugroho and Albert Lucious who has a big dream to reach one million entrepreneur in Indonesia. KUDO aims to bridge the gap the exists within Indonesia’s e-commerce market. There are people with money who either too lazy to learn how to shop online or don’t trust the security of using credit card as mode of payment. KUDO, which stands for Kios Unit Dagang Online, makes it possible to shop online and pay with cash. With merchants such as Berrybenka, Bata, Asus, Evercoss, Hp, Apple and many more, it levels up the game amongst shop owners.

Be a KUDO agent and start cashing in. Visit the website at

Do you have any other business ideas to compile? Shoot me on email okay!

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