Asian Delights in a Plate

Asian Delights in a Plate
December 9, 2015 CuteCoco

Expect a tasty blast as you sink your teeth in this intriguing menu, one of many, of Katsu Curry Rice from the small food stall at the ground level of The Suites@Metro, Bandung. I probably am going to frustrate you a bit by leaving the name of the stall to the very end. But you have got to read me out first, because surely Katsu Curry Rice is not for bland tongues or those who are not into food adventures.

I would love to call this Asian taste in a plate. You can tell from it’s name that this menu item truly can’t decide it’s side. Is it Japanese cuisine? Is it Indian cuisine? Add on it, Indonesian chili paste and let the Asian talking.

At the first scoop, the curry from Katsu Curry Rice successfully thrown me back in the past. To the time when riding an auto-rickshaw surfing through Sham Nath Marg all the way to Safdarjung Enclave was an unforgettable adventure. Or when my morning run should enroute as a family of piglets trying to cross the street in one of the small town of Rajasthan. Or when dinner with my friends, Ehab and Mehak, in winter time by the lake Pichola was an enchanting experience as fireworks painted the night sky of Udaipur.

I was suddenly reminded of rice and dahl. The curry – mushy, brownish and totally unappealing to the eyes – tasted almost identical to tiffin menu I used to order from the stall at the corner street near the Green lane, Old Delhi.

pasta bar

But underneath, as I digged in, the crispy Katsu was undisturbed by the thickness of the curry. It was crunchy as it must be, and while it may sound strange to the palate but surprisingly katsu and curry blended perfectly. In my plate, the Asian duo was joined with spicy chili paste.

Thank you Pasta Bar, it was truly a nostalgic lunch!

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    I have never had a curry before, but my, my! That looks delicious!

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