A Good Bye

A Good Bye
December 6, 2015 CuteCoco

In the era of digital world, where Facebook is king, encouragement and condolences are passed on in just a few clicks. But then, as easy as it is done, moving on is not too much of a struggle as well. Not if the one who is gone has not touched your life in any form like a friend does. Just like Yuyun has touched my soul in her short-presence in my life.

I wept when the news reached me on Thursday afternoon. She was already at her final stage fighting cancer, the disease we have known has been surrounding her well-being in recent years. It was devastating to hear that your friend had only a month to live and you were no where near her to let her know how much you loved her and how much you wanted her to win the battle.

Suddendly nothing else matters. Thinking that the lively young woman who was always in full spirit and never showed her pain now had her world clamped within the white walls and medical equipment, was frustrating. I felt numbed. Tears fell of my cheek instantly whenever I think of her, and I was choked. It was as if I had swallowed a giant cloud, I could not breath.

Three days she fought. I knew she fought it real hard because Yuyun was a fighter. But God loves her more. Saturday she won the battle. Not in a way we all had expected, but she is free now. And the world has lost another gorgeous soul.

Most of us within our circle was shaken. I couldn’t stop myself to scroll up on our chat room to see when our last conversation was. I kept rewinding moments, wondering what I could have done for her. What are the things that have been left unspoken or undone?

 I guess, it’s done now.


Dear Yuyun, I am forevel grateful to have known you in my life. Thank you for all the fun and interesting chat we’ve had, for the laughters and for all the joy you have shared. You are an inspiration. Rest in peace now sweet angel, you will be greatly missed.

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