5 Reasons to Shop at Mothercare Indonesia

5 Reasons to Shop at Mothercare Indonesia
December 31, 2015 Rina
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Hey mommas, bet you all recognize Mothercare. If you don’t, well this is the time to get some personal bond with the brand because seriously I could call this haven of everything a mom and children need.

I am saying this not just because we have been collaborating in recent months toward the end of 2015. But this is my humbly honest opinion as I have been one of their regulars since 2010, when K was about two and little A was one year old.

There are plenty of reasons to love and to shop at Mothercare; Mothercare Indonesia in particular. I listed them down while waiting for our room to be ready at Crowne Plaza. Liz texted me in between asking where I was going to celebrate the new year. I told her that I would be celebrating in bed. There’s a band playing around count down at the lobby, but after years of spending new year at hotels working I don’t have that spark anymore. Thinking of loud music, noisy trumpets, people cheering and toasting, and some people get drunk, makes me dizzy. I am probably just getting old.



K and A in mothercare collection

Mothercare Eid1


Ooow kaaay. Let’s move back to the list.

I have managed to narrow down to 5 reasons to shop at Mothercare Indonesia. Here they are:
1. There are tons of options you can choose from, and they are all gorgeous. Every time I am in one of their stores, I hardly hold back from buying those cute stuffed animals for baby strollers, or getting at least a bunch of colorful bibs. It’s crazy because my kids are not babies anymore.
2. Most fashion items are mom-friendly; very easy to care of and to put on to babies and kids.
3. Sizes are on point. If the size is for 6-7 years old, then be rest assure it fits perfectly to children in that age range. There is no fitting required.
4. Durability is key. K’s wardrobes from Mothercare have been passed on to little A every year. They are still in good condition.
5. Helpful staff and reliable after-service. Some items like stroller, high-chair, and more, have 1 year guarantee and when you give it for service they will provide you with a temporary replacement until your item is repaired and returned.

Wanna find more reasons? please help yourself at www.mothercare.co.id
If you opted to stay at home during this one night of city madness (imagine fireworks non-stop banging your ears), maybe a mom and kids retail therapy can heal the frustration.

Meanwhile, wish you all the happiest new year!

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