What Matters

What Matters
November 3, 2015 CuteCoco

As I came to the counter to order a cup of cappuccino, the barista greeted me with a big smile and asked where I have been. Truth is I have been here for almost every day for the past three days but he must have been on holiday. I told him that, and we both laughed a little, like an old friend.

What a great day starter, I thought while settling in my seat. Put everything on the table and not long enough my cappuccino arrived.

The KFC Coffee is only a walking distance from the kids school. There is where I like to spend my time when I don’t have to be else where.


While I am enjoying my cappuccino, let me share a piece of my mind.

I have been trying to make an appointment with my ex-college mate since months ago. We normally meet up just like that, but for this ocassion I specifically mentioned that I wanted to talk about business. I wanted to propose him to be my client and he finally agreed to meet.

Certainly in business like this hopes sometimes hang in the air. They say yes but never really mean it. Which is fine by me. Again and again, the word of wisdom tingling in my head. It says:

You cannot control what other people do to you but you CAN control your response toward it.

So while waiting for his update (which I think is unlikely), I used my time to check on my clients’ due, update the social media, email what was pending, chatted with friends online, read the news, and blog. In my mind I do wonder whether the other person thinks my time is not valuable enough, or whether I don’t have anything important to do than waiting for him the whole day.

But long time ago I have decided, that people can easily disrespect my times, but I won’t give a shit because I will always have plan B awaits.

Are you in a network based business too? Let me hear/read what you have to say!


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