Safe Road Trip with Kids

Safe Road Trip with Kids
November 19, 2015 CuteCoco

Disclosure: This entree is written as part of Car Seat special offer campaign from Mothercare Indonesia. No money compensation is received and all opinions are 100% mine.

Mothercare brings safety to road trip with kids back into light. That’s it. I have said it. I have decided that it was going to be my punchline to open this entree. After all, it was Mothercare who brought back the subject onto the table when it started to be forgotten by me.


Honestly, I hadn’t really enforced myself to strap the babies into a car seat, at least not before we all moved to the side of beautiful lake in a quiet unpopular town called Ras Al Khaimah, a one hour drive from Dubai. I was ignorant, but not anymore.


Back then in our new city, new country, we had to use car seat for the kids. It was enforced by law. That one first, and then definitely, safety. A total misunderstanding that I believe until now, most people in Indonesia still stand by it. In fact, you would still find babies and kids not strapped in a car seat when you drive here.

Why? Oh why should we all care? Why anyway kids must be strapped in that uncomfortable seat? They would all cry, hysterically. They would all rebel. They would all…..Hold that thought, please!

Would you prefer a wake up call that would cost your kids’ life?

Four years ago, we were driving on not so busy road at the heart of Doha. The traffic light was just turned green and we slowly moved passing through an intersection. In front of us, was a car stopped because another car in front of him had broken down. We also slowered down our car and then stopped. In a blink of eyes, something shook our car. We were all thrown to the front, the sound was so loud and the next thing we knew our car was crushed back and front.

The driver whose car had hit us from behind was distracted over something below his seat and he didn’t see our car was already stop. Thankfully everyone in our car was properly strapped by seatbelt and the kids were strapped perfectly at their car seat. If it was the other way around, granted, the kids would all fly to the front, either hit the front seat or the windshield and broke their neck, to the worst case.

You can be very careful driving your car, but what about the other drivers?

So, back to what I have told you before. Mothercare put it back to light with its special offer  of 20% off on children car seat during November 2015 (only for car seat with Mothercare label).




Last week, I took time to visit one of Mothercare stores in town to see what’s new and what’s happening with their car seat campaign. I was truly happy to see how serious the brand’s effort was to try to educate people, especially their costumer, about the importance of using car seat for children and how to choose the right one. The appointed car seat ambassador (they wear special vest with special pin) would be pleased to show you around to find the perfect car seat that fits your need. You could even try it out in your car to see if it works just fine.

Here’s little A tried out a car seat on which he sat very comfortably. This would be his type of seat as he really likes to sleep on a road trip. The head holder works awesome to hold his head so it would not fall left and right while dreaming.






Couple of points to be taken in choosing the right car seat for children are:

1. Choose a car seat based on the child’s height not age. Mothercare has wide range of car seats for babies and up to kids below 12 years old or with height 135cm.

2. Do not buy a second-hand car seat because you won’t know how the item was used or treated previously. It could have been damaged and you won’t know.

3. Pay attention to the expire date. Yeap, car seat can expire too!

If you buy your kid’s car seat from Mothercare it comes with 1 year warranty and if you give it in for service they will provide you with a replacement.

Please don’t wait any longer. Get a car seat for your child today!

You can buy online from or visit their nearest store in your town.

If you follow me on instagram (@cutecoconut) make sure you follow @MothercareIndo too, okay? :)

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    It always angers me to see kids bopping around cars not properly strapped in. And the parents almost always have their seat belt on. Why? Are their lives more important than their kid’s lives?

  2. Can’t agree more…proper car seat is important indeed and the tips you provided is pretty much relevant to what we need

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