Dare to Dream Must Dare to Do It

Dare to Dream Must Dare to Do It
November 12, 2015 CuteCoco

“Two spoons of coffee powder and one spoon of sugar!”.

I would forever be reminded of the simple and quick lesson by Becky, let’s just call her that, about how to make a good cup of coffee whenever I am enjoying one. Unlike mine,
her cup of coffee has been always a mind-blowing and when I asked her the secret, the above was her only answer.
Yet, I couldn’t master the art regardless numbers of trial. Guess, it’s all depending on the hand. Or she’s probably a talented barista.
Becky and I used to talk for hours in the small locker room during our break time about how awesome it would be to build our own business. Sometimes we talked about running our own coffee shop and making it the coolest place to hang out in town. At times the topic would move into bigger spectrum that we then started to go deeper into the details for instance, where the location would be, what the view was, and a little this and that.
Sadly enough, despite the detailed picture, one thing had always been in the way.
The courage.
We didn’t have balls to actually do it. Hence it was a wishful thinking.
I quitted my job first before her. Not because I wanted to start to do business but to relocate overseas. After years, she finally decided to embark on running her own business. But it wasn’t a coffee shop as we have longed of doing years ago. Regardless, I know, for her to take that leap was a big deal.
And she made it!
Here’s the question people:
How many of you whose dream got stolen? You talked about it for months without putting it into action and suddenly someone else started the exact thing you were dreaming of doing about, and he succeed.
Would you let it happen for the second time?
Remember, all dreams CAN come true. As long as you wake up and DO it!
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