A Weekend Full of Positive Vibes

A Weekend Full of Positive Vibes
November 12, 2015 CuteCoco

When you are down and need some mood boosters what you usually do?

My list includes a visit to a book store, watching favorite reality shows (yeap!), and color burst (this was featured on my mood booster at work).

Another one I would add to the list is meet up and catch up with old buddies. Last weekend pretty much the round up of it, started by a lunch date with an old friend who is residing in Bali. She was in town for a business and we made time to catch up over gorgeous suki lunch at Ra Cha. Talking about being a hard working woman, I think she has got it all. Nevertheless, she already has a great position at her workplace. So inspiration number one was injected to my soul.

The next day, I had another lunch with a friend who runs her own catering business. I shared about this on my instagram (@cutecoconut). She has got 8 cook books published, teaches at two colleges, and her catering is always busy. Yet, she was very down to earth admitted that this was nothing. She has a big dream and is working hard to make it come true. This was my inspiration number two.

On Sunday, I kept my promise to accompany a friend who is running her MLM business to do cool calling in two different places. Her spirit was amazing! Inspiration number 3. Ca-ching!

That very Sunday, was closed with meeting up with our best friend to whom I haven’t met for ages. She was featured on my Mother’s day entree when I was sending flowers to my besties who live in the US via Proflower.





Energized? definitely!

That’s why I call it a weekend full of positive vibes.

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    Sounds like lovely times spent with good friends! I usually read a book or go to the gym when I need to clear my head and get positive vibes.

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