Dream Big, Have A Courage

Dream Big, Have A Courage
October 29, 2015 CuteCoco

When you tried your hands on a totally new world, you will gain not only the pain but also experience. A new perspective pour in and suddenly you are one step wiser and richer – mentally – than the others.

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It is important to stay positive and focus. I repeat this sentence over and over, every morning, every day, everytime someone put me down, and everytime life throws me to the other side.

Still, despite my ongoing effort to spark positivity not everyone is ready to soak up the aura.

A friend texted me, she needed money. In every chance I have with her, I tried to offer her an opportunity. So she can work her situation out. So she can earn the money she needs. So her life is better. Certainly, world is divided into two major people: those with goals and targets set, those who want everything but don’t want to do anything.

I compiled few excuses that I have heard here and there from anyone who’s offered a new opportunity to earn more money (despite they need it badly):

1. I don’t have time. (Said a person who has no full time job, and spend almost every morning hangout with friends).

2. I don’t understand how it works. (But never make time to learn about it).

3. This need money to start and I don’t have it. (Said someone who hangout at cafes every day).

4. I am busy. (Yet need money. So busy with what?)

5. I have no nanny to care for my kids if I have to work. (But the opportunity offered was for flexible hours).

6. But I am so lazy. (What a lame excuse).


You see, everyone wants to succeed. Everyone wants to have more money and dream big. But not many have a courage to make all that come true.

Are you one of them?

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