When You’re on the Other Side of the Fence

When You’re on the Other Side of the Fence
August 5, 2015 CuteCoco

It’s so easy to judge when you’re on the other side of the fence. It’s so easy to see and draw a conclusion without even confirming whether our conclusion is right or wrong. People, mostly, only want to see what they want to see and think what they want to think. Some people find it hard to just give a supporting and soothing hug rather than throwing the I-told-you-so attitude.

People make mistake. It’s human. People also learn from their mistake, and sometimes it is a struggle to try to move forward when everyone else around us keep reminding us of our mistake. There are times when it is the other person who can’t let go.

“But you look fine!” said a friend upon our conversation about how far life has taken us both to where we are now. We talked about struggles, poor financial situations and all, and she was surprised when I told her that I have been there done that. We are still paying our mounting credit card bills and it is one of our top priority to clear all out, to get back to few years back when we had no debt at all. “You are the last person I could think of to have a credit card debt” she claimed, to which I responded with a laughter.

Come on girl.

I am only a human. We’re all are. Regardless what we do or what we’re trying to reflect on social media, life is always rolling. Sometimes you’re up sometimes you’re down. But personally, I opted not to share my problem to the world. Let alone through social media.

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I have choices. Like today. I have a lot of things going on in my mind, a disappointment has unfortunately picked me out from the crowd these days. But I chose to be happy. I chose not to look miserable.

Life is too wonderful to spend with unhappiness and anger,isn’t it? Spreading kind words is more inspiring, spreading some positive attitude does nothing but good to the world.

So let us try to do that today onwards. Problem never comes without solution.

Just stay positive my friends. We can get through this, alive.

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  1. Rosey 6 years ago

    I’m struggling through a huge disappointment too, but exactly like you said, I don’t focus on it solely. Life’s too short. I keep moving ahead, moving away, and eventually I’ll be moving beyond. :) Wishing the same for you.

  2. Theresa 6 years ago

    Sorry you are going through disappointments today. It’s good to hear that you are still holding your head high with a smile on your face though!

  3. so true…stay strong and focus on your happiness…. Social media can be a huge mistake in times of trouble :)..cheeers..

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