5 Pool Essentials for Kids

5 Pool Essentials for Kids
August 20, 2015 CuteCoco

Disclosure: the post entry is written to support Autumn Winter collectioncampaign from Mothercare and the outfits shown and worn by K and little A are provided for free by the brand. No other compensation is provided and all opinions are 100% mine.


The kids have new weekly activities starting this month. We’ve enrolled them in swimming class, the after-school activity every Friday afternoon. It’s not like a pro or something, it’s just to let them learn the techniques and make them able to swim well.

Talking about swimming, they really love it and if I would give in to their request, we would have been sleeping by the pool.

I guess, it’s wonderful for us to stay in a tropical country where Summer stays as long as it can, not to mention that probably due to climate changes, rain rarely pours nowadays. The weather here is mostly perfect to spend with relaxing at a pool side or enjoy outdoor picnic while bashing under the Sun.

But if you stay in southern or western hemisphere, the weather would be okay too at this time right? because autumn is peeking from around the corner and temperature has cooled off.

Our findings from Mothercare's Autumn Winter collection

Our findings from Mothercare’s Autumn Winter collection

Taking the kids to the pool is going to be my activity recommendation for this month. Here, I bring you a list of 5 pool essentials for kids:

1. Proper swimsuit

Choose the right one, not only the size but also colors and style. Now you can find a swimsuit with floating device attached. It saves time and pretty convenient too, very useful for those who still learn how to swim.

2. Sunblock

Sunblock is important to protect the skin from UV light over-expose. It can also help avoid sun burn. There are three types of these: spray, lotion and gel. I think the spray type is easy to use but my preferrence goes to the lotion one.

3. Big thick towel

My kids are always in and out of the pool, either to walk around it or to poke me or to ask for something to eat. When they are out of the pool they would shiver and I would just throw a big thick towel to wrap them and keep them warm. A nice warm bathrobe is also recommended. What’s trending now is poncho-towel.

4.  Floating devices and toys

Even though K can swim without a floating device he still likes to use it just for fun. He loves his swimming board, and I recently get little A one too from Mothercare. Toys are also important because they add the fun.

5. Food

Plenty of them. Spending time too long in the water makes us hungry. It’s no different with the kids too. I would suggest something simple, delicious yet healthy like fruit skewer, homemade fruit popsicles, fried rice, spaghetti, and organic snacks. But I do slip one or two regular chips too 😉


What to do before you’re off to a pool with the kids

Check out the new Autumn Winter collection from Mothercare for some style and comfort at the pool. I am super happy, picked up few items from this collection including little A’s yellow swimming board.

pool elegance with mothercare

The collection just hit the store recently, so make sure your kids are one of the first who rock it!

For Indonesian residents, you can go to www.mothercare.co.id to shop or to see the nearest store location in your area.


Enjoy shopping and have fun at the pool, I hope the 5 pool essentials for kids above are helpful :)


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Comments (3)

  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    Yes to all of these! I’d even bring an extra towel because they tend to soak through the first one pretty quick.

  2. can’t agree more and I’ll add sunscreen :). Have fun at the pool kiddos :)

  3. My kids are big fans to swimming pool.. Have to drag them out of it whenever we go swimming ;). Looks like a wonderful collection ..

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