Why Doing Business With A Friend Could Go All Wrong

Why Doing Business With A Friend Could Go All Wrong
July 24, 2015 CuteCoco

Not once or twice I got to read on social media how friends were disappointed by another friends over a business. I could relate because I have experienced them myself. I was (sometimes still am) one of those people who think that friends would be the first in line to appreciate my business and give me their best support. But I guess, that’s too naive. The fact that not all your friends could be your best asset. I am not talking asset as in monetary value but more in support and moral values.


Do you know that a friend received a cake order from another friend and ended up not getting paid? Some would jump into ‘discount request’ when they know they have a friend who sell something. My own experience was a bitter one too. Someone I considered a friend put a custom order for a planner. Months have gone by and he is nowhere to be seen and never replies to my attempt to contact him. I didn’t ask for a down payment first because I appreciated our friendship and had a positive thinking on him.

Well, lesson learned. Today, close friends or not, when it comes to a custom order a down payment is a must.

Maybe it’s not because the friends are evil or something. But it’s probably because they are your friends and think they have a privilege for that without even thinking that your business is important to you and that you start it out with money, not stones or leaves.


When you are the business owner and your friend is your costumer, the next step is probably handle-able. The next time she/he orders you take extra precaution like taking the payment first or just simply refuse. But what about business partner?

Before you start a business with your friend, please make sure that both of you have the same priority in that business. The level should be the same otherwise one would be tired of another because one thinks he works harder or appreciate the business more than the other does.

The lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding and harm the friendship in the long run.


People say in order to know someone’s true character you need to take them to hike a mountain. I say, do business with him/her and you’ll see whether he/she is a keeper or not.

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Do you have a similar experience about doing business with a friend? Share with me here and also, please tell me how you handle it :)

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    I wouldn’t go into business with a friend. However, I do tend to give away hand crafted items to friends and family, as long as it’s not time consuming or costs too much in the long run. Sorry your friend turned out to be such a jerk!

  2. Rina 5 years ago

    ough totally…I am more cautious these days…

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