The Shipping Drama

The Shipping Drama
July 31, 2015 CuteCoco

A friend, who has been staying in Malaysia, is visiting home in Jakarta. She asked me if I could get some of Bandung signature dishes for her like Kartika Sari, Amanda Brownies and Kingsley Batagor (dumplings). Why not, I told her. So Tuesday was spent with wandering around the city and ended at a shipping company (to which I am a regular costumer) to send the food.

Because the perishable nature of the food I opted for a 1-day delivery. After all Jakarta is only 2-3 hours drive.

But the next day, when by 5pm the shipment was not delivered yet I started to get upset. Checked with the office and they said the courier guy has only left the office at that time, despite the shipment has reached Jakarta office in the night before. The fact that the dumplings was damaged when finally delivered was only the beginning.

One box was left at the office and didn’t reach my friend until the next day.

Both of us were beyond pissed off. We probably wouldn’t be so upset had it not perishable food items worth approx USD 55 (IDR 650.000).

However I am glad that the customer service officer acted quickly upon receiving our complaint. I complaint to Bandung office and my friend blasted the Jakarta office.

The Chocochip Brownies that was broken into pieces upon received.

The Chocochip Brownies that was broken into pieces upon received.

Learning from that experience, here’s some tips to safely send perishable food items:

1. Use only 1-day delivery service. But most shipping company won’t give you guarantee whether the food can reach perfectly as it is, even though your shipment is tagged handle with care and marked food items. No guarantee.

2. Give proper packing. Whenever possible, pack it with wooden box and bubble wrap.

3. Keep your shipping receipt properly. If you are going to submit a complaint or a claim, you are going to need it.

4. Keep your food receipt. If you buy it from somewhere keep the receipt. You will need it to claim refund if something happened to shipment (like in my case: damaged due to late delivery).


Have you ever had a bad experience with a shipping company? What did you do?

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  1. Theresa 5 years ago

    What an ordeal, but glad the company responded to your complaint directly. Amazon shipped us chocolates and packaged them with heavy peanut containers. The candies got smushed to bits, but Amazon did refund our money.

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