Last Minute Shopping for Eid Celebration at Mothercare

Last Minute Shopping for Eid Celebration at Mothercare
July 12, 2015 CuteCoco

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Ramadhan month is almost over, and then comes the Eid Ul Fitr. As the country with the most moslem population in the world, Indonesia always has a glorious celebration, even merrier than what you can experience in the middle east. It is definitely normal to feel happy to welcome the day because it is the winning day, after fasting for one full month. Even though the essence of Eid Ul Fitr is so much deeper than new clothes and delicious food, but the two have become part of the celebration every year.

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When I was a kid, Eid was the time when I was allowed to have three to four pairs of new clothes in one go. One pair would be worn for the prayer, one for afternoon when we visit our families and then the other two would be for the next day. As I grow older, getting new clothes for Eid hasn’t been my priority anymore but now with the boys, my mom makes sure the tradition continues. She is always the first one to buy them new clothes.

This year, I took them to Mothercare. It’s more like a last minute thing because my mom has brought them the clothes for the prayer, so I was in the look out for something simpler and more casual for them to wear when we visit our families.

Certainly, the store has a lot to offer. But my heart fell for the bluish checker shirt and eye-catchy yellow T’s. We had fun in the fitting room while trying the clothes out ^_^

Mothercare Eid1

Mothercare Eid2



Mothercare has also launched Hawaiian style, which I think would be perfect for a leisure day on a beach. Well, actually it would be perfect for any Summer day. I hadn’t had the chance to get the boys tried it out, but maybe next week when all the Eid shopping craze has calmed down I would be back to one of their outlets to get one (or maybe two).

While I roamed around the outlet, I found a stack of Superman themed socks and K was beyond thrilled because he is super-fan (he wore them to school the very next day!)

Mothercare Superman Sock

I also found this stain eraser that would come in handy to clean hard stain from chocolate drops or any hard-to-go food stain from the clothes.

Mothercare Stain Eraser

Is getting new clothes for Eid Ul Fitr part of your family tradition too? Where do you normally go for your last minute shopping for clothes in regard to the Eid celebration?

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  1. Theresa 6 years ago

    Those boys are just too cute! I love their new clothes! They wear them well :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      Ha ha..thanks Theresa!

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