Interesting Eid Pep Talks and Weight Gain

Interesting Eid Pep Talks and Weight Gain
July 18, 2015 CuteCoco

Beautiful home cooking fragrant gave us a warm welcome as we entered my mom house on Thursday afternoon. It was one day before Eid and we were about to celebrate it in Jakarta, at the place I grew up. We don’t always celebrate Eid here so I consider this as quite special occasion.

Things even got more interesting during the Eid day…


First, let me take you through what we have this year served at the dining table. Last year we did Chicken Curry (opor Ayam) and Sate Garo (beef special skewer). This year we did Kua Bugis and Yellow Pickle (click here to see what and the recipe of Kua Bugis). Rice cakes are there (for sure) and klappertaart as dessert. Butter cookies are normally displayed at a coffee table for guests.



Nasi Jaha - North Sulawesi dish

Nasi Jaha – North Sulawesi dish

A slice of klappertaart

A slice of klappertaart


Kastengel by Hepikoekiss


Eid celebration begins with prayer in a nearby mosque or open field in the morning. J wore his favorite white long sleeve while K and A each was wearing the white set bought by my mom. I was into cyan this year.

Later in the afternoon, the boys changed clothes and rocked the shirt and T’s and jeans from Mothercare when we hang out at Grand Indonesia.








Here is the interesting part, probably the highlight of the day that still makes me laugh today.

It is a tradition that after Eid prayer we visit our neighbors, friends and families to shake hands and reflects how we forgive each other. So that was what we did. Most of my mom’s neighbors have stayed there for a long time, and their kids are my childhood friends. We had known each other like forever and the tradition to visit each other continues every year.

The different this year was, almost everybody commented on my weight. I knew I had gain weight a lot in recent years. Been two years now and I still have homework to get back to my old body. But I do believe it is not a big deal, like I don’t comment when I see someone gets thinner and looks poorly older.

A dad, whose daughter was always big since kids told me “oh wow you are…” He didn’t have to continue his words in order for me to know what he was trying to say. Another dad, again – whose daughter was bigger than me, said to me “wooow you gain weight a lot!” and then continue “it looks so obvious you are bigger now!”.

Through all those comments, I laughed. None of them bothered me, to be frank. Matter of fact I felt pity. It’s 2015 and there are still ignorants who thought what they think of others is really important to be let out.

J kept teasing me after those comments, and we both just laughed. However, I realized that it’s time to get into serious action especially since there are two weddings coming and I would be hosting one of the receptions (it’s going to be my first and I am super thrilled as well as nerveous!). I have bought a supplement to reduce body fat called Thermolyte. It is supposed to be consumed while combined with low carb diet and exercise. It is challenging to start this on the second day of Eid because the festive is still on. But the weddings are in the mid of August, so I have got to move fast on this ha ha..

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Comments (2)

  1. Theresa 6 years ago

    I don’t understand how anyone thinks it’s o.k. to comment on anyone’s weight, big or small. That’s just rude! I think you are beautiful just as you are, Rina. Though, if you want to lose weight, I hope it’s for you, and not for those ignorant jerks who think they were being cute pointing out weight gain.

  2. Rina 5 years ago

    right?!! I mean, with technology and internet it’s so easy to teach ourselves what’s polite and what’s not but still ignorants are there 😀

    I want to lose weight because I need to fit in a dress for my friend’s wedding lol

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