Going Indie All Out

Going Indie All Out
July 28, 2015 CuteCoco

After the whole madness on Monday I don’t feel like getting up from the bed and do anything but to doze off today. But the kids’ school has started, which was the reason why yesterday was crazy. So I am back to my routine, a driver.

I spent yesterday revising and creating illustration for my future clients (have I told you that I am now also in insurance business and got my license last month?). It feels like I am so ready to go all out being an indie parent as defined on The Blog Talk Radio, it left me with backache sore feet and sleep deprivation ha ha..

Calculating how much protection value one could have at a certain premium needs extra attention and focus. Then, in the afternoon with the kids, we surfed two malls to complete their school registry yet we still missed two three items. All that while juggling inquiries and orders for my Cutecoconut Planner.

We reached home by 2 and the kids asked for food by 4. Cooking time was easy with the ready-made chicken curry sauce from Indofood.

By 6 we were already on the road again to pick up J. As we don’t have a nanny the kids tag along with me most of the time.

After dinner, I had a little conversation with future clients. Kids fell asleep in the car on the way to J’s office so last night was a bit quiet. However no early bedtime for me because dirty dishes and some order wrapping awaited.

Right now as I am typing this I am sitting in Dunkin Donut indulging hot capuccino and cheede croissant. No images in this post (so sorry), but follow me on instagram will you? :) @cutecoconut

Busy day ahead!


I am joining IBOT today with essentiallyjess.com go visit her and bash yourself with awesome stories from everywhere!

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Comments (3)

  1. Geez, I’m feeling exhausted just reading that! We are really busy at the moment too, with Tafe now being 4 days a week I feel like I am drowning in study and housework, not to mention just keeping the girls alive! Oh well, we can sleep when we are dead I guess! Lol!

    • Rina 5 years ago

      haaha true! thanks for visiting Kylie ^_^

  2. EssentiallyJess 5 years ago

    It’s amazing how life just gets so busy all of a sudden isn’t it?
    Working out insurance must be challenging!

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