Giveaway Winner on Instagram

Giveaway Winner on Instagram
July 9, 2015 CuteCoco

Couple days ago my store gave away a pack of printable planner goodies printed version to one lucky follower on instagram. There’s a delay in announcing a winner but today I am so happy to let everyone know who is that lucky one.

product planner accessories-summer

planner goodies1

planner goodies3

The giveaway is very easy, pretty much just touch and go. I am planning to make this as a regular routine, that at least once a month I am giving away some samples to CutecoconutShop followers. Please don’t miss a chance and start following the store today! (CLICK HERE to follow @cutecoconutshop).

Meanwhile, using the random number generator from I finally have a winner. The giveaway participants were numbered according to their participation sequence. The first to respond was numbered 1 and so on.

Congratulation to Ria Rochma! Will send a DM today on instagram :)

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  1. Keke Naima 5 years ago

    selamat untuk Mak Ria Rochma :)

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