Easy Recipe: Cantaloupe Refreshing Drink for Summer

Easy Recipe: Cantaloupe Refreshing Drink for Summer
July 4, 2015 CuteCoco

Cantaloupe reaches it’s highest peak of demand in Ramadhan here in Indonesia. Everyone who is fasting would love to break the fast with this seasonal fruit. Strangely, cantaloupe is only widely available during Ramadhan and not in other month. Strange, because Ramadhan is likely to fall in the same month every year. So I think it’s not exaggerating if cantaloupe is always associated with Ramadhan.

If you are not familiar with this fruit, it has shape similar to pumpkin with golden orange-yellowish color too. The flesh texture is almost like melon but softer. Maybe in the US any type of melon is called cantaloupe but in this post, I am referring to the fruit which is locally called blewah.


Unfortunately we got not so yellowish/orange-ish flesh :(

Here’s how to make a refreshing drink with cantaloupe the Ramadhan style (which can make a perfect company for your Summer holiday too):


A cantaloupe, divide into two and take off the seeds

Coconut pandan syrup

Ice cubes and iced water


How to make

Scrape the flesh and put them in a bowl or a jar

Add the syrup as you wish. If you like sweet then you add a lot of it

Add ice cubes and top it up with iced water




What’s you favorite summer drink?

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  1. RedCarra 6 years ago

    Whaaa. Blewah =P~ Yang gak puasa pun suka. Tapi kenapa munculnya cuma di bulan puasa coba? 😐

    • Rina 6 years ago

      Nah iya kan kenapa coba? Hehehe

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