Migrating to 4G LTE by Mentari Indosat

Migrating to 4G LTE by Mentari Indosat
June 29, 2015 CuteCoco

As the 4G LTE connection becomes available in Indonesia J suggested that we both got our SIM card changed into the one that supports the connection. The number won’t be changed but just the card. J was the first between us who got it done. He just had to wait for one hour before the new card was connected and everything worked just fine.

So on Saturday, on our way to my mom’s house we made a stop at Indosat Gallery in Sarinah to have my SIM card changed. Indosat – Mentari has been my phone service provider since year 2000. You can imagine how I am one of their loyal costumers.

After completing the registration form the guys gave me the new SIM card and told me that due to some connection disturbance it will only get connected within 24 hours. Honestly having had to wait for that long was unacceptable for me however I let it go thinking that we have gone all the way to that place, which is quite far from our place, might as well we get it done.

Saturday evening, my old SIM card lost connection. The signal was showing NO SERVICE. I thought the connection has finally migrated. But when I inserted the new SIM card (the one with 4G LTE support) it was still showing NO SERVICE. I decided to wait.

When on Sunday afternoon the signal still showed NO SERVICE, my patience ran out. I called the call center and the only thing they could promise me was to send a message to their IT division to prioritize my request. I got totally upset when the call center agent told me that they would get back to me within 3 x 24 hours max. I was like, “three effing days?!!”.

I can’t wait for that long. No way.

We decided to go back to the gallery in Sarinah to file a complaint and see whether they could attend to my request faster. Certainly, I had no luck because the answer was most likely the same. I couldn’t get my connection back that day and had to wait until Monday. The lady behind the customer service desk promised me that my connection would be back latest by 1pm on Monday.

Today is Monday. It’s 11.43am as I am writing this and it is still NO SERVICE.


PS: Before any suggestion thrown at me to change the phone service provider or getting a new card, let me tell you that I won’t change the provider nor change the card/number. Here’s my 5 reasons why I won’t change a provider (yet):

  • The number was a gift from J. Both of us have almost identical number with only difference at the last digit. Hence it’s special and shows that I totally genuinely care to get my connection back for that reason.
  • I have been using it for so long. There has been ups and downs, but I mostly satisfied with the service.
  • The response is quite fast too. I would tweet my complaint and they would swiftly return with feedback.
  • The internet plan is simple and user-friendly. The benefit is more with lesser price if compared with other provider. For example: with IDR 49.000 (kuota plan – monthly) I get 4 GB internet that I can use for all my social media activities, my phone chats (whatsapp, telegram, line, wechat, bbm), my browsings, etc. I bought IDR 100.000 full service plan from another provider and only get 100 MB for internet usage  with unlimited usage for Blackberry Messenger.
  • They have these extra packages to add more internet quote in case our initial quote plan was exceeded.

There you go.

Now let’s wait for my phone connection to return.

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  1. I hope it’s coming back soon…I love 4GLTE..It’s super fast :)

    • Author
      CuteCoco 6 years ago

      It’s back. After three days! unfortunately here 4G LTE is not yet widely supported :(

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